We’re lucky here in Oregon. We are surrounded by rich soil, amended by volcanic ash & minerals washed down from the rocks. We’re certainly watered enough, too!

We’re also surrounded by a rich culture. It’s a culture of caring concern for our environment and our future by stalwart farmers and dedicated producers. In a time when convenience is prized over conservation, these folks make sure to maintain important traditions, like seed saving, and keeping food local and ethical.

We live in a society of abundance, but we need to make sacrifices to ensure that others can share in this abundance, that all human and non-human animals are treated fairly, and we guard our own future. We live in a society of technology, but we need to utilize this technology to live more compassionately.

This seed was planted in our minds when we were preparing to open Portobello. We strive to bring you food raised by these caring farmers, handled with respect and care, and not mired by profitability. Ultimately, we do it to feel good about the food we bring to your table.

And we do it to make you feel good. You are always welcome at our table. Thank you.