Portobello | Farms
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We continue to try to develop close relationships with local farmers. The hot days in the kitchen pass smoothly when handling the quality, well tended produce of quality craftspeople.  We are proud and pleased to be buying directly from these local farms

Located in “The Deep Southeast”, Melanie Plies brings cratefuls of her beautiful fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  This year, Farmer Mel has gone above and beyond, working alongside Portobello to pick and choose her crop to suit our needs.  Look forward to haricot verts, melons, Little Gem romaine lettuce, and sugar snaps to name a few.  It was fun flipping throught the Johnny Seed catalog with her to figure out what to plant.  She’s the best!

We knew we were dealing with seriously skilled farmers when we first boiled up some of their fine New Potatoes.  Not to mention the fine beets, greens, and herbs.  We are lucky indeed to be on their delivery route.

Nestled in the hills of Troutdale, Farmer Shari delivers excellent organically grown produce to the finest Portland restaurants.  We recently began receiving their amazing produce, and were taken aback by the beautiful produce handled with the care and attention not seen in big farm operations.  We were especially happy to see the variety of herbs, especially some unusual varieties of herbs like anise hyssop.