Portobello | How to prepare easily digestible foods?
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How to prepare easily digestible foods?

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How to prepare easily digestible foods?

In order to stay healthy overall, it is important that you have a healthy digestive system. But there are many people today that experience diarrhea, constipation and even bloating on a regular basis.

Although for many, the reason could be food intolerance or even food poisoning and for others, it could be because their digestive system is affected in a really bad way.

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These could be the result of diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or even Crohn’s disease.

For people of this type, it is best to mind what they ingest as easily digestible foods are the way to go. Hence, to live better, add these foods to your meal so that your digestive system is satisfied and healthy.

1.      Turkey and lean meat

There are meats that are lean which usually go easy on your stomach such as chicken and turkey. These foods are also extremely rich in protein and therefore, help you feel as though you are full very quickly. Only having half a chicken breast can provide you with 27 grams of protein but the only drawback is that they are devoid of carbs. Make sure that you peel or cut the skin off as the fats that are present in the skin are extremely hard to digest. You also need to avoid meat which is pan or deep fried as it is more likely that it can hurt your stomach than normal meat.


2.      Potatoes that are boiled

Boiled potatoes, as compared to baked potatoes, contains starch that can otherwise be impossible to digest when raw. It is also loaded with carbs as well as numerous nutrients that are vital to the functioning of our body. But it is important to note that you need to eat the boiled potatoes as soon as you have warmed them as the starch present in the potatoes tend to become more resistant as it becomes colder.

3.      Oatmeal


There are many types of oatmeals that are made out of whole oats or even oat groats. But what makes instant oatmeal better is the fact that they are made by rolling or pressing for even longer than what is normal. Due to this, they are extremely fast to cook.

4.      Yogurt

Since yogurt contains bacteria that is very friendly – called probiotics, it is extremely beneficial to the stomach as it helps in keeping it healthy. If you’re looking to lose weight, yogurts are a great option to help you get back in shape for all the necessary exercises and routines.

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