Portobello | Secret ingredients which enhance the aroma of the dish
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Secret ingredients which enhance the aroma of the dish


Secret ingredients which enhance the aroma of the dish


Frying delicacies along with the combination of cumin create an incredible aroma which is bound to lure every tummy within a 50 feet radius. Cumin goes alongside with beans, tomatoes and sautéed greens.

Balsamic vinegar

Due to its excellent combination of both sweet and sour, it enables the peculiar vinegar to knit different flavors together while adding to the aromatic sensation felt.


It possesses the characteristic to change your dish to a yellow or orange color outlook while adding a mild and fragrant flavor.

Citrus juice

Using citrus juice or zest of lemon is a great way for adding that hint of tartness which enhances the smell, taste bud leaving you with wanting more. Try adding lime juice to mashed sweet potatoes or your lentil soup and observe the difference in aroma and taste it creates.



Cardamom is observed to add an unusual flavor in baked goods, pancakes, hot beverages, and poached fruit. It adds a unique spice flavor and a great smell to it.


Nutmeg is a great seed which can hold its own in savory dishes cooked as well. The smell of nutmeg is quite appealing as it gives a more holiday spirit.

Paprika/Chilli Powder/ Cayenne

Adding a hint of chili powder or paprika can significantly enhance your dish in the next level regarding smell and spicy flavor. Chilli powder and paprika provide a medium level of heat while cayenne takes it to beyond the medium level. It adds a certain level of warmth and color to the dish.

Sesame oil

A staple of the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, sesame oil provides a distinctive nutty taste often making the mouth water. It adds a great flavor and smell when drizzled over roasts and stirs cooking.

Dried herbs

Try adding thyme over asparagus, adding oregano to refried beans. Dried herbs do the trick when it comes to producing good food rich in taste and smell.


Ginger is an excellent addition to stir-fries, salads, and chili which adds zing and mellows nicely when cooked providing a certain aromatic sensation and depth of flavor. Ginger can be added in raw, powdered or juiced.




Mustard is an essential ingredient to great taste and smell that is often considered to be underutilized.  Next time you cook, try adding a teaspoon of mustard and watch the magic happen.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion are two powerhouses along with their cousins as well such as shallots, leeks, and chives. Garlic and onion are a staple to nearly every cuisine in the world. Adding these vital ingredients will leave you with happy nostrils and lip-smacking taste buds.

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